Hey Girls, Cooking Makes You Special To Men

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Cuisine is related to taste and influences the culture of every ethnic group in the world. Even more subtly food and cuisine can become an epic of subtly colonization without realizing it. In a deeper sense, cuisine is hegemony, cuisine is the identity of a culture, if the cuisine of one particular culture can be accepted and liked by other cultures then the process of hegemony of cuisine has succeeded.

It’s the same with men. If you want to be more loved by your man, make sure you can cook. The ability to cook is sometimes underestimated by today’s youth. This pattern is understandable because the current eating culture is dominated by fast food. You can find fast food outlets everywhere, so many young people underestimate the activity of learning to cook.

Whereas if you can cook men actually like women who are good at cooking. If your man has often eaten your food, they will be addicted or dependent. This condition will make you the person he will always remember. Worse yet, if they are already dependent on your cooking, they don’t take the taste of food other than your food seriously.

Trapping Men with Cooking

The most accurate tips about cooking to ensnare your man to continue to love you is to make sure you know what your man’s favorite dish is. You can do a little research to find out your partner’s favorite food. You can ask your mother, friends, and close men about the foods and drinks that your man likes and then try to learn to make them. When you can make it make sure you are an expert in cooking the food.

Do this little research secretly so that at a certain moment you make your man’s favorite dish and then you serve it at a special moment. He will be surprised and impressed by the actions and struggles that you have done. Cooking for some people is a hassle, but cooking can become your new hobby.

Also try to make you and your partner eat together from the dishes you make regularly until they become dependent on the taste of your food. You also don’t have to always cook your partner’s favorite food. You can also create menus for new dishes that your man might not recognize.

If you do this cooking activity regularly and your food is eaten by your man, then their dependence on the taste of your cooking will occur, then you will not be forgotten by your man. Good luck…

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