Hey Girls, Try Doing This For Your Man…

what women want from men

what women want from men

So far, there have been many articles that have explored what women want from men, this time I will write the opposite. What men want from women. There are many things that men want from women, from physical to non-physical relationships. In this article, I will write a little about what men like about women.

Men sometimes feel they are born as protectors, strong figures, ideal leaders, smart and various other narcissistic reasons (hehe), just let them sink into that feeling. Women need not be embarrassed in this matter.

Like a strength can be a weakness if you use it to make them like you more. That feeling of superiority you just use as your weapon to compliment them is good for making men like you even more. Praise his superiority in front of him or your friends. Men will be happy if you praise them as intelligent, funny, handsome, and kind.

How to Give a Real Compliment

Like shooting your compliments at your man must be done in two ways. First, throw your compliments in front of your man directly in the midst of his happy or happy heart. Repeat the compliment at different times.

Second, throw your compliments on your man to his friend then make sure the compliment will reach your man. In addition to giving these compliments, you should also be involved in actions related to your praise. For example, you praise your man is intelligent, likes to read books, give him a gift in the form of reading books that support his intelligence interests.

Likewise, if he has ideals that you think are noble, make sure you are present and support your man to achieve his goals. Tell your man that your man is a worthy and right person to get his goals.

The act of praising won’t hurt us right? then multiply praise less swear.

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